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Welcome to our new Race and Color blogsite! We promise to deliver cutting edge content; reviews, news, and opinions that satiate our hunger to understand why race and color still matter so much today.

Our “Race and Color” site is delivering cutting edge reviews — and relevant content that will stand inversion narratives of race and color upon its head. Join a growing number of community “truth-seekers” who are reaching beyond the rhetoric platforms — for higher spaces of human intellect and elevation. Expect to find critical and credible information that exposes the true roots of our cultural crisis, as well as our enslavement to it.

The critique of racial truisms should not be limited to “positive or negative” thoughts, but rather placed within the frameworks of fact versus fiction. When enduring truths are unearthed that challenges our worldviews and foregone conclusions we have important decisions to make for our survival. Decisions of how we will live in the present and what we will use to inform the future.

This publication is dedicated to help guide and support a journey of intellectual inquiry and critical examination. One that will greatly disturb the agendas of social programming and misinformation for the masses.

We’re really glad you’re here. 🙂