“Trading our Souls for Social Justice”: It’s MORE than just Race & Color…

Lights, “Security Cameras”… Action!

 “Envy plus rhetoric does not equal social justice.” -Thomas Sowell 

The recent MLK Southington Mural ‘Wall of Injustice’ is just another shining example of ‘community failure’ on the part of a select group of our town’s Black and White cultural and social elites. This dishonorable mention is shared with their organizers, sympathizers, fans, supporters, and followers. With those who shamefully volunteer and allow themselves to be used to perpetuate disparaging narratives and discriminatory stereotypes of social pride and cultural elitism. 

Please use this coming election as an opportunity to ‘never allow’ these cultural elites to hold political office and exert their personal and political will over your children, your town, your community, and your life. Show them in tomorrow’s election how “wisdom is known by her many children” and become one of them by voting “No” for those who uphold and support destructive ideologies within our community. Withhold or withdraw any support from those who endorse cultural and political wars and campaigns against our own citizens. 

What we have been given through the Rise Up CT ‘public art war chest’ is a cultural “Wall of Shame.’ This toxic ‘cocktail for change’ as presented to us through  SoCCA represents a growing plague in our communities – and this wall of social and cultural division gives us class warfare, and separation is now the pride of our very own “little league of injustice.” 

A group of social, political, and cultural bandits that have pitched their tents of ‘injustice’ against their own neighbors and community. May we face them and overcome them without fear.

These individuals are dedicated to trampling upon the will of citizens who have committed their movement and resources to the corruption of moral and social values. This includes the ‘repurposing and defacement’ of public and community icons and community spaces. These cultural wars against citizens and communities will only continue if not met with steel-like resolve, unwavering opposition, and our own offensive lines and preemptive efforts. There can be NO compromise, ‘else we lose everything’ in this entire country that IS GOOD and that we hold near and dear. 

A New [MLK] Legacy? – The Hijacking of history, ideas, and public thought.

The cultural elites have provided us with an object lesson in public ridicule and the weaponizing of public and private resources that only serves to demonstrate how ‘not to’ educate our children and a community. How to ‘close doors’ on future discussions and opportunities for community building and inclusion, and ‘how not to’ approach the examination of social, political, and cultural ideas and the plurality of social outcomes within our society. 

This wall is a ‘Wall of Subversion’ and the manipulation of historical facts and ideas; our personal memories and experiences with MLK’s legacy have all been exploited by their levity, injustice, and the hurt feelings of Black and White cultural elites. You, as community members, will have to pay the price for their vain and ridiculous campaign against ‘unequal outcomes’ by surrendering all that is “true, notable, praiseworthy, and of good report” among us to their deplorable cause. As they ‘pretend to make things fair’ for others in order to gain the power they so desperately covet from all of us, and siphon from their victims the energy for elevation in their class warfare. 

Much of this behavior remarkably resembles individuals who are led by or have been involved in cults, especially those involving children, recognizing that when someone leaves the cult, the cult will most often never leave them. This is the psychology and repetitive pathology we see in the ‘use of children and their images’ as a means to control public opinion, and as a shield against political acrimony and community backlash and backfire. 

This deviant and bad [psychological] behavior exhibits such cowardice and poorness of judgment that we can clearly see the cliff notes from creative cults like ‘the David Hog following,’ and the weaponization of the young and untrained minds against the masses.

Walls of Community Exploitation

It’s not too often that we as a community get the opportunity to slow down the motion picture of our anecdotal ‘human suffering and social injustice’ long enough to capture some of its prisoners in living color. To permanently suspend a moment of public shame and to leave this legacy as a hallmark for our children and generations to come. This is truly a page out of the Socialist and Communist Manifesto and the handbook of ‘Social Justice for Dummies.’ 

This community can now take a glassy-eyed look and ‘super-sized stare’ at a piece of community art[work] that effortlessly captures the inherent flaws and degenerative values, concepts, practices, and outcomes so emblematic of today’s progressive and social justice movements. Imbued into their very identity, as it crystalizes their truest victims for all to see. The exploitation of Black and minority children in their communities for social and political gain, and cultural clout.  

We are now getting “the eye candy for free” – all conveniently located in one social setting right along the main corridor of Southington’s ‘diversity and inclusion’ district. That’s quite a thing for our town and is no small feat to “pull off” in plain view. I both respect and condemn what they’ve done. 

This kind of intersectionality between selfish ambition and ill political will takes concerted effort and conceited planning amongst ‘the equally disgruntled’ however, unequally yoked ‘social godheads’ in our community. Yet despite the nature of this ominous and unlikely collaboration, I believe we are to learn from what they have accomplished together. 

If you’re anything like me you are still looking for the silver lining to this dark cloud of “public shame and blame” – and I’m honestly beginning to see it after having ample time to reflect and take in this ‘community masterpiece’ of artistic partisanship, unevenness, and ‘froward’ [not forward] progress. . . In this, I believe that Southington has gained another teachable moment.  A unique learning opportunity that many communities continue to miss while getting their customized crash courses in social sabotage and tactical ground warfare from these elites. Indeed, this may not be a lesson just for us, but one that can be simulcast to many interested communities. Let’s pay attention this time.

Missed Opportunities lead to poor outcomes. 

The careful examination and exposure of an alleged ‘community idea’ should be met at its inception, if ever possible, as it can either be a social imposter or a true friend to us all. -And just like any ideological seed, if it is contrary to the harvesting of our collective goodwill or has been sown in dishonor by deceitful workers in all manner of bitterness and resentment, it will only yield resistance and bring forth hatred. 

(We are now seeing the fruits and manifestation of a dangerous ideology that has sprung up among us. A contrary and strange fruit that has grafted itself into the vine, and it is a gut-wrenching freak of nature that is offensive to us all.)

 Good people, a ‘community idea’ must be tested, investigated, and never, ever ignored. Even interrogated and deposed. It must be scrutinized without impunity, and chased down, if necessary, to the very bone. 

Ideological and social vehicles of deception under the guise of social change will always come to us in “seed form” first. They come with an unmatched level of hypocrisy and imbued arrogance encrusting the surface with these putrefying attributes, like sores upon a dying corpse. 

The Southington ‘Mural of Social Injustice’ is just one such vehicle “armed for detonation” and that has run out of gas right out in front of our proverbial doorposts. It appears that no community can now be complete without a veiled threat of unmitigated change and inclusion that can only be defined and delivered by a group of ‘elite superpowers.’ By supernatural social beings who alone are capable of showing us ‘the way.’ 

They have crowned themselves as ‘divine lawgivers’ of morality and [in]justice. They are our social paramours that will no doubt destroy any hopes of a happy marriage within our community. 

It is also important to note that these ‘bandless individuals’ often have nothing more in common with one another than their vain and narcissistic view of themselves and how the many ‘underprivileged others’ and sources of supply will serve them. They will continue to exude their prowess and control over the thoughts, will, and intellectual ideas of others. Preying upon the weak, the ignorant, and, of course, the innocent.

For the people sitting in the back… the hypocrisy of not being able to highlight this as a ‘shining example of community partnership’ on their own platforms is simply another example of ‘when cultural appropriation backfires…’ and it almost always does. Unfortunately, we are the ones who must live with their mistakes. 

I applaud the Republican leadership of Southington for not supporting the ‘community illusion of inclusion.’  While many of the rest of us were misled and misguided by our own good intentions. For rejecting their feelings and wishes about a ‘social justice reality,’ which has proven once again to be more important than the facts and the truth itself.

Why the Children?

It is their cosmic errors, logic, and designs of ‘justice’ that create the social, emotional, and intellectual chaos and upheaval that we see enveloping our mainstream culture and society today – and the vibrant images on the wall in Southington are there to show us that their social mores and concepts of the community aren’t without empathy. That they will continue to exploit children for ill-gotten social and political gain. 

The despicable idea is that by creating more dissonance and consternation in our youth and community around the delicate threads of race and color in our society today as a means to address perceived or actual racial and social injustice (or any other unwanted social outcomes) they actually ensure their social and cultural status. These public demonstrations and ‘halls of social fame’ are needed as ‘social experiences and expressions’ to fully saturate the psyche and reframe our society with anti-American propaganda and sentiment.  

This most logical assessment and conclusion is plainly based on the historical record and trail of tragic errors and outcomes over the past six decades and as a result of their ‘racial baiting’ and the instigation of polarizing ideas within communities. This public activity having permanent negative outcomes across the human spectrum never even crosses the barriers of thought for the ‘social godheads and elites.’  As a matter of fact, any idea or premise for an argument that goes against their invalid presuppositions and “ideas” about the world is not allowed, “not even in theory,” within the cultural cocoon and matrix they have created for us to happily live in. 

This, above all else, is the “real and present danger” of giving more social and political power for totalitarian control and governance to a new breed of ‘social elites.’ It’s a different day ladies and gentlemen and our strategy to expose their shameful and pathological behavior and social and moral abuse must be one of absolute resistance. 

Dealing with the Faulty logic, Hypocrisy, and Unparalleled Arrogance of the Socialist and Progressive Left…

The delusion of ‘Social Justice’ being delivered through the hands of ‘mortal elites’ must be stamped out through the massive exposure of their ubiquitous hypocrisy among key leaders and their champions. These social outfits must be uncovered at all costs, being led by individuals that take on the ‘character and nature’ of our most tragic figures in world history. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and the countless lineup of those who followed them. The social elites want to give us their heroes…under the guise of a “make-believe system of fairness.” Reject this as nothing more than moldy cheese in their rat traps. 

Paul Johnson, a well-renowned English journalist, historian, and author, describes some of the hypocrisy as Lenin spoke of himself as a “representative of the proletariat,” yet he had never set foot in a working-class neighborhood. He had never even talked to the workers and had absolutely no idea what they believed about anything. 

This is the ideological framework and behavioral patterns of our Progressives and radical Left. From the ‘godheads’ that are wreaking havoc against humanity in the name of ‘social justice on behalf of somebody else.’ Truly, this is a step beyond the usual ‘cultural appropriation,’ which becomes a mere prop for the social actors, metaphors, and routines they interchangeably play. 

The issue is that many of the people who chant peace and social justice don’t practice what they preach. It’s a social sermon for others, but not for them, and nothing more. They are not freedom makers, but freedom takers. Enslaving the minds of fools and the weak. 

These are not modern ‘day freedom fighters,’ but rather, instead, a mixed bag of social panhandlers, Sambos, and pseudo-elite gatekeepers. Their definition of ‘inclusion’ is to allow people who are unlike themselves to utilize their public resources, like ‘plastic toilets’ on the side of the road. (They know you won’t stay too long and that you won’t be leaving anything behind once you’re gone.) They want to own the property and means of production we have worked so hard for, so we will be nothing more than cattle eating up their grass. That’s the ‘utopian dream’ of social justice and elitism. Simplified.

Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, and more Hypocrisy again…

What’s much more relevant to the discussion is that the ‘poor and downtrodden’ that they claim “to live and fight for” are individuals about whom they firsthand know very little (and have even less desire to sup with personally). The so-called ‘victims of social and racial injustice’ are people they only casually interact with; and only for the sake of ‘being relevant and remaining current’ in their social assumptions and presuppositions about ‘others.’ And they do so from quite a safe distance, if at all. 

From the perspective of the cosmic elites and the ‘all-knowing- godheads’ the true social leverage is ‘their own ideas,’ and their efforts to get others to follow them, and it is quite enough for them to serve only these ideas and the systems of power and subservience they create, rather than the people who are supposed to benefit from them.

To add to the perverted hypocrisy is the fact that many of our Black and White elitists both openly and secretly despise one another, and quite intensely. Only uniting in their schemes and social crimes long enough to further victimize the exploited in new ways, as they undermine one another in the process of their endeavors. All this to gain an advantage over the political rights, voices, and social capital of the less fortunate.

The Sheer hypocrisy. They have invested their entire lives in faulty logic and untempered mortar for an intellectual foundation. These are individuals and derivative groups that should never be trusted because in all their schemes, they simply live off their own supply. 

Helping Communities Gain Control

Only through a massive educational campaign against their deception, lies, misinformation, and perverted logic and propaganda – one that pretends to be most concerned about the equality of outcomes AND  opportunities of others – can we hope to ‘set the captives free.’ For without those who are downtrodden by their indentured servitude of public policies and programs they have absolutely nothing to gain.

The entire community has been undermined and is now on ‘official notice’ as regular targets of their social victimization campaigns for divine rights over the souls of the masses. 

Upholding and establishing incontrovertible truth as something inherently objective, absolute, and irrefutable, as principled and based upon facts and non-subjective evidence, and as something that is not subject to a social construct, must continue to be an effective means to resist their pressures for cultural oblivion. This is in contrast to the idea that anyone can wield ‘their truth’ and mold it socially as they see fit into the lives of others. 

Herein lies the abject poverty for anyone willing to be subjected to such an arbitrary approach to the unbending principles of life and freedom that are inherent and given to us by God. 

We must continue to expose individuals in our community who remain unconscionable about how their grandiose and lofty ideas and actions about perceived ‘injustice’ are going to have a ripple effect with arbitrary and too often negative consequences on the lives of the many others affected by the “new problems” that they create and do not solve. 

Your Kung Fu is not strong.